Mike Lubofsky, Licensed Psychotherapist and Attorney

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Psychotherapy Online

The emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic of a scale unprecedented in our lifetime prompts consideration of unique psychological and existential challenges including:

  • The Impermanence of all things;
  • Interdependence among human beings and other life forms;
  • The importance of Human Connection implicated in potential quarantines and social distancing;
  • Humility found in a more deep appreciation for the paramount force of nature that can supersede human will;
  • The Questioning of Societal Infrastructure as our government works to mobilize essential societal resources to preserve human life; and
  • A basic Reexamination of Values in terms of what is truly important to each of us.

Opportunity often arises out of chaos. I believe that these unique conditions heighten the need and value of personal introspection and effective working through of basic existential fears. I am available for online sessions to facilitate this introspection and working through, and to provide important grounding during these uncertain times.